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About the CHOIRS Project

Cassini-Huygens Orbital Interplanetary Relay Station is a multi-national project conceived and led by Dr. James H. Dubois of InfraCorp. CHOIRS will be the outermost human settlement in space and will be located between the planet Saturn and its largest moon, Titan.

Conceived as a communications hub to serve the Sol System, CHOIRS will form the backbone of a complex system of optical relays to facilitate rapid and secure transfer of information throughout the solar system. The secondary function of CHOIRS is to serve as a outer-planet space colony for upwards of 10,000 individuals. Unlike Ganymede, which exists as a platform for research in the Jovian system, CHOIRS will house researchers, scientists, technicians, engineers and their families, making it the first true “city in space.”

InfraCorp (formerly ID&E Sweden) is a forerunner in orbital installations and nonterrestrial habitation technology.