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hello world! Thursday

Posted by James Dubois in Travel.

Isn’t that what I’m supposed to write?

It’s good to be communicating with the outside world again. We lost a metric butt-load of communications gear the last storm and have been slowly squirting electrons up at the satellite back to Wood’s Hole. Luckily our navigation equipment was unaffected. It was hairy for awhile. I thought we’d need to be rescued before the ice closed in around us.

It is cold! Even below the deck it’s really chilly. I’m bundled up in my parka with a few chemical heat backs stuffed in my pockets. But man, it’s going to be great to be north of the equator again.

Sorry for changing my blog! I had issues with the other service after eleven months of archives were wiped out. That and all the spammer comments. If I have time I’ll see if I have the old entries stored on this laptop. I should be home in a few weeks. I’m flying in from Santiago, Chile so if anyone wants any touristy items, shoot me a message!

Someone said they saw some whales so I’m going to venture outside!

Okay, Hersh out!

– Hersh



1. unwrittencontinuum - Tuesday

Do you cross through Uruguay when you leave Santiago? It’s been a long time since I’ve been there. If you do check out Punta Caretas and look for the old Spanish conquistador prison that they converted to a mall. Yeah, a mall!

Thanks alex

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