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Hark, the herald angels sing! Thursday

Posted by James Dubois in CHOIRS.

The CHOIRS Project was just approved!

Okay, I just ran around my office yelling at the top of my lungs. Good thing for the group next door that these walls are virtually soundproof.

What this means:
I’m going to be working 24/7 for the next…oh, decade or so. At least there’s some job security. I’ll be based here at L5 and working alongside a multi-national team of brilliant designers and engineers. I can’t go into the details just yet as we’re tidying up a few loose ends what with the funding and all (and believe me, this project is going to be huge).

I just got off the phone with my folks back in Dayton and they’re ecstatic. They know more or less what I’ll be doing (heading one of the many engineering projects). Oh, and I met an amazing woman…more on that later. We’re going to go to the gardens tomorrow to assist one of the aeroponics groups with a study. Is that a date? Hah!

– Hersh

BTW, to the rest of my family: I’ll be returning to terra firma for a short stint in the next few months before taking up permanent residence on Liberty. I set up a listserv to keep you all in the know so email me if you didn’t receive an invite.



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