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A year of wedded bliss… Tuesday

Posted by James Dubois in CHOIRS.

Qiong and I celebrated our 1st year anniversary, which is amazing. They say that time is relative and it slows down the faster you travel. I’m not so sure… I’m up here and time seems to be flying past. She says “hello” (maybe I can get her to set up a web log too but she’s a bit shy, even across the net). But enough about personal matters. You’re here about CHOIRS, right?

The long and short of it: the Cassini-Huygens Orbital Interplanetary Relay Station is a state-of-the-art communications hub that will be positioned between Saturn and its largest moon, Titan. That’s been in development for awhile, but the latest news (and where I fit in) is that CHOIRS is set to be the largest permanent human settlement outside of Earth, with over 20,000 inhabitants (twice as large as Liberty). Not only will it be the largest space station, it will also be the farthest away at a billion miles from Earth.

This poses many challenges to InfraCorp Group. The biggest is fiscal… this project, and I’m not exaggerating, will cost trillions of dollars and decades to complete. We’re looking at completion of Phase I of the station in June of 2035, barring unforeseen difficulties. The final piece of the station (Phase III) is to be completed in July of 2049. It’s possible that advances in materials technology and other developments will speed up the construction.

Our major constraint (even more than money, which is being supplied by investment groups and whole nations from all over the world), is time. At current speeds, the trip from L5 to CHOIRS’ final home is over six years. What this means is that our colonists will leave years before the station is finished, making deadlines tight. Qiong is working on the transport system inside the station right now and my boss (who’s name is Bosse, coincidentally) is meeting with some contractors tonight to hash out the final designs on the transport ships and robotics. I’m looking up at a whiteboard that’s filled with so many names, dates and figures that it’s almost a solid block of colors.

We have a film crew in the offices today for interviews so I need to shower and shave. Been burning the midnight oil to finish this spec. Take care, folks. The future awaits!



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