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Hersh at the movies… Wednesday

Posted by James Dubois in Ouch, Personal.

Because when you’re laid up in bed covered in plaster and steel pins, nothing passes the time better than a good movie.

Of course, I get a feed into the med bay here on Luna but it’s digital. Remember celluloid? Projection cameras? Sprockets and gears and motors? Jay and I were squirting messages back and forth about this subject. He’s a programmer so of course he sees the beauty of binary. I’m more traditional, a hands-on mechanical engineering type. I want to see the parts move, be able to take it apart and turn each piece over in my hands. Maybe that’s why I got into robotics?

Back when I was stationed at McMurdo we used to have movie marathons so that we wouldn’t go crazy(er). The favorite was the Thing double-feature… the old 50’s Thing and the remake from about 30 years back. 198? Anyway, that’s always fun.

Been watching a lot of movies about builders for some reason, maybe because I’m not working on CHOIRS at the moment. Bridge on the River Kwai is in right now (I know how it ends but it’s really good despite that!). Every time I think Bridge is about to jump the shark, it twists and I’m captivated. That lead actor’s freaking amazing.

I just finished McCabe and Mrs. Miller, which was recommended to me by my doctor. I have never seen a film like this and I suspect I never will again. It looks like a standard western, but it’s not what you think! I also have a film in the queue about a guy who hauls a steamboat up a mountain in the Amazon (that looks nuts… I believe it was actually done in the movie, no special effects).

I have access privileges to lots of stuff up here. Any suggestions from you lot? Please please please no science fiction. I’m on the moon for Pete’s sake! And I’ve seen 2001 about that many times already. 🙂 BTW, thanks for all the letters and well wishes! They’re really keeping my spirits up. Qiong says thanks as well.

– Hersh



1. Bo - Friday

Have you ever seen Wild Strawberries?
I’ll upload my copy to you if you want.

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