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Nobody expects the… Sunday

Posted by James Dubois in CHOIRS, Personal.

Lame joke?

I have to apologize for not posting about this earlier but between the trip back to L5, the deluge of catch-up work and now this thing, it’s a struggle to keep my head above the water.

I’m penning this on my workpad here outside a scary-looking door. I feel like I’ve been sent to the principal’s office and I’m stuck awaiting my fate. Inside is the company doctor Leona Flores. With her is Bo, some people from InfraCorp’s insurance overwriters and a few suits I don’t know (well, virtually…most of the people in the room are on remote feeds). Qiong is in there too, acting as a character witness. As soon as they’re done grilling her it’ll be my ass that’s put to the fire.

It’s unclear how much of this I can divulge but I figure it won’t hurt to talk about it, especially when the outcome is a foregone conclusion. There’s been some talk that I falsified records in order to conceal my health problems (which is ridiculous) and that not only is this going to cost me a trip to CHOIRS’ Phase I (which is a given) but it might cost me my job as well. Even if I’m cleared of those erroneous charges, Dr. Flores says that there’s no way to safely transport me with the first wave without my bones turning into swiss cheese en route. That means I can’t join the first wave of travelers to CHOIRS, which means I’m going to be planetside when they leave, which means I’m not ever going to see this project through to completion (I mean, not that there was any guarantee in the first place, as the Phase III milestone falls somewhere in my 60’s…and there’s no way there’s going to ship someone approaching septegenerian status to Titan). The good news is that my contract affords me excellent benefits (including life and disability, which I think this covers if I lose the project — have to talk to my lawyer). So I’ll be okay financially… just not spiritually, emotionally, professionally, etc. etc. etc.

Sorry if I’m rambling.

Marshall just brought me a sandwich. Thanks Marsh!

Oh yeah! Irony: as one of the primaries on the transport/cargo ship design team, Qiong is going to have to go BACK into the scary room to tell everyone that her system is not able to safely transport her invalid husband. Can you believe that? She wasn’t going to do it but they shook some legalese in her direction and she caved. Not that I blame her. My hazard pay and life insurance stated in my idemnity clause is not insubstantial. Not that I-Corp would feel anything…

Legal just IM’ed me so I’m going to close for now and head in. Wish me luck. – Hersh



1. James Dubois - Monday

That went better than expected. But that just means Bosse hasn’t fired me. I know he reads this blog so I’ll tell him here that I appreciate what he said to me in there. Talk to you later in the cafe, Bo. – Hersh

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