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…// Friday

Posted by James Dubois in Uncategorized.

Test. Marshal? We’re having uplink pro blems. 


Is this getting thr ough?



1. Nick - Tuesday

Confirming message received, if a little spotty.

It’s good to hear from you again, sir. How’s the weather in the Saturnian system? I bet you’re really lording it over your doctor’s now. “A few million miles frozen in a centrifuge? Pah! No problem! I could do it in my sl…with one hand behind my back!”

2. Marshall - Friday

Sry, Hrsh.

Stll nt rcvng. Wrkng n bg fx.

3. JCorben - Sunday


4. SMarchaud - Tuesday


We’re patched through to the Zeno. They had some weird problem with their wide-band antenna but it’s been fixed by internal sys. Captain Sunthorn says all systems go!

Jay is fine, btw. Just a little blip. Medical is having him undergo some tests. Velma and I are going to be on wake watch for awhile so send us something funny to read!

Hey everyone! I hope the planet is doing well. 🙂

– Stephen – Wake Watch, STS R. Buckminister Fuller

5. Marshall - Tuesday

Hersh – try re-send one more time. If doesn;t work, I’ll post your message from this end.

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