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Re-org Sunday

Posted by James Dubois in Uncategorized.

Order came up the pipe yesterday and I didn’t get access today, hence my tardiness as one of the official “space bloggers.” Sploggers? Hm, maybe not.

Just to clue you all in. We have seven ships, about 1500 passengers and crew between them. Each ship has a full complement of crew members to run the daily operations, the most important members being the captain and the wake watch members. It’s obvious what the captain does. The wake watch are fourteen “second in commands” that will step up in case of problems. Each ship has two of these people and they look after the Ripley pods while we’re asleep. Numerous technicians, doctors and engineers round out the crew on each ship. The sleepers are packed away like fish in a can while those of us able-bodied folks are free to do what we want for the most part. We have jobs, of course, but some have more to do than others. As a senior project engineer on this mission, I have a LOT more to do than others.

The passengers are divided up into nationalities and specialties so that each ship has a mini United Nations on board. Husbands and wives and other relatives are kept aboard the same ship to ease stress (yes, you read that right… haha). There’s a lot of good that’s come out of this artificial arrangement but it doesn’t always work as we expected. One consequence is that technical proficiency is mis-matched in some areas. We have lots of medical personnel from the Middle-East and India but because of the divisions we’re suffering from some strange balance issues. For instance, we have an overabundance of surgeons from a variety of disciplines but only a few nutritionists to go around. This means a lot of consultation has to be done remotely. Not a great situation… not terrible, just not great.

Rank is not really an issue as we’re a non military mission but we do have issues of management and seniority. People must learn quickly and the adoption of certain organizational structures has been slow to say the least. Some management is still in cryonics, others are aboard other ships. In essence, it’s like when all the bosses are on vacation or telecommuting. My workload triples on some days when all the stars align in the just the right way. And for some reason I’m dealing with situations that I’m not really supposed to manage. Adelmo and I are swamped with data from CHOIRS and I have Jayesh out on sick leave while he recovers from a post-wake illness.

One of the younger settlers is taking on a lot of responsibility. She’s smart but a little impulsive. I like her initiative though, it’s helping with some of our communications issues. The relay is pumping out bits like it’s supposed to but the data-stream is more lossy than anticipated. She worked out a new process to tighten things up which seems to be working. The only issue is that we’re forced to cut back on personal transmissions. This is a directive from Earth, unfortunately, and its pretty serious. We had to sever the CHOIRS updates because of it (which is why the site is down) but we did set up our own “pirate transmission” from the lifeboats. Sasha is going to run it as she has experience. She’s a fun kid. A little strange, but her enthusiasm is infectious.

– Hersh



1. Nick - Sunday

In essence, it’s like when all the bosses are on vacation or telecommuting.

So people relax, listen to music and take extra long lunches, but get more work done than they ever would otherwise? Well, good to know the project will be ahead of schedule!

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