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Half-Baked Wednesday

Posted by James Dubois in Uncategorized.

The superstructure is in pieces, each part hauled into place and fused to its neighbor. The robotic fabricators are rotund, multi-armed things, some bigger than a jetliner, some as small as a European car. They work non-stop, always moving. As soon as one job is complete, they’re already onto the next. Most are capable of minor self-repairs. It’s like a ballet out there, all those bodies dancing and floating.

We’re now in stationary position, well outside the work zone (for safety reasons). The ships are capable of limited reconfiguration now that we’re here and we have a bit more space than before. People are waking up, folks I haven’t talked to now in years. We’re about halfway there. So far we have a 100% success rate with the Ripley pods. Some minor illnesses here and there, but everyone is healthy. But not happy. The first fight broke out. Not on my ship, but word travels fast. I’m not sure the root cause but rumor has it was about recent national politics. I think the stress and the confinement is causing people to fracture a little. I just realized that we don’t have a way of dealing with… crime? What happens if someone does snap? We have medical facilities, sure. But we’re following international law up here and some of it just doesn’t apply. Anyway, that’s for others to worry about. I have my hands full.

My next task for CHOIRS is to start the work on the big mirror that will reflect light from the sun down into the inner rim of the donut. The initial plan was to simply create a gigantic polished lens made from lunar materials but this mirror is much larger than the one at Liberty. It might end up looking more like an octagon than a disc, like one of those mirrors you see in books about the Tao or Feng Shui. Project: Big Mirror is about a month and a half dedicated to it but I know we’re going to have overruns. The “buffer” machine to polish the lens hasn’t even been built.

I need to do the math. Hersh out!



1. Nick - Tuesday

No prison? No justice system? Next you’ll tell me you don’t have nurseries or (p/m)aternal leave system.

…You do have ways to raise kids, right?

2. James Dubois - Thursday

CHOIRS will have hospital facilities, no worries. Hopefully better ones than previously planned.

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