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The Pipe Thursday

Posted by James Dubois in Uncategorized.

In space, nobody can hear you scream at the system administrator.

The current data-rationing plan is stupid. We have people in stasis that are getting time allotted to them and they can’t use it. Meanwhile, I need to download massive compressed files three times a day and parse through reams of data. And if a transmission isn’t downloaded on time because of server problems, I have to wait three to six hours twiddling my thumbs. I’m the project manager, for crying out loud. I shouldn’t have to beg to get access to my own damn relay. Ah, rant over. Thanks for “loaning” me your minutes, ‘Del. I really need to get a new wireless provider!

Oh and in answer one of the questions I received, a science teacher gave me my nickname in junior high. There were two James in his class.

– Hersh



1. Nick - Friday

Who does the project lead beg to, uhh, gain access to his project?

The Jetsons had it right on. We finally start living in space, and the first question is “Who’s driving this crazy thing!”

Edit: Okay, so apparently the Jetson’s say “Stop this crazy thing.” Hope my mis-quote doesn’t jinx anything; this is a crazy thing that needs to not be stopped.

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