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Reflections Sunday

Posted by James Dubois in Uncategorized.

Just spoke with Dr. Flores. Adelmo had to be put in the Ripley pods. His vitals were shutting down and we don’t have time to do a transplant, nor do we have a suitable donor in our small pool of possibles. He’s in his sixties. Leona estimates that without a transplant he would die within a week or so, but there’s only a 20% chance of him being able to be revived from cryonics. His wife is beside herself. There’s a cloud hanging over everyone aboard my boat. I hear overall the mood is grim across the other six lifeboats as well.

Progress is made every week on CHOIRS. We’ve reached the halfway mark and will be able to permanently fix the lifeboat modules into the docking hub within the coming month (if all goes well). We continue to suffer from tempering issues with the glass processing plant. We’re using a synthetic fused silica, not the stuff we used terrestrially in windows (that’s soda-lime glass), and due to gravitational interference, temperature fluctuations, programming glitches and the whims of the Universe, the glass is being formed with a high degree of friability. This means when we form the large panels and try to move them into the mirror array, they shatter.

I need to re-program the robotic handlers (ugh) and see if I can make them a bit more delicate. Gregor’s team is going to try adding some chemical additives to the fusing process. Normally this wouldn’t fly for environmental health and safety factors but a) robots are doing the work and b) we’re in space. A few parts per kazillion of chlorine and HCl floating around up here is not going to bother anyone.

With Adelmo’s absence, it falls to Gregor and me to manage that project (despite our already crushing workload). Dr. Begovic agreed to assist on the regolith team, leaving me some time to fix the problem with the foundry robots. Of course, this sets Jürgen back on his own research for at least twenty days while he babysits the excavators and moon-crete production facilities.

BTW, we’re going to open the pipe over the next week or so for transmissions from ‘Del’s family in Argentina and Spain. His wife could use the support if you want to send well-wishes to the Engineering workgroup.

Wish us luck.



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