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Managing Wednesday

Posted by James Dubois in Uncategorized.

I had to discipline someone on the communications team today. This is something I’ve never relished and it’s one of the more bothersome jobs I have as the project lead. When someone on the managerial team comes to me with a problem, I have to do something. Even if I don’t necessarily agree.

Anyway, Peter (the acting communications workgroup manager) floats into my office with some issues, voices some concerns about one of his people. Everyone’s under a lot of stress, and I know there may be some resentment involved. After all, Adelmo is in stasis and we’re not sure if he’s going to recover, which is both depressing and scary, and there’s some griping about his replacement. The team is losing focus when focus is exactly what we need!

The problem is with a specific person. Now, this individual is doing great things, but it’s all peripheral, sometimes even unrelated to the tasks that need to be done. On the one hand, they’re going above and beyond to help people aboard the ships. But I keep looking at their workstation and finding it conspicuously absent, or I find other people there working on other projects. Its taking up non-trivial amounts of time. So, exit Hersh the Friendly Co-Worker, enter Hersh the Bad Guy. The three of us are going to have a sit-down in a few minutes and try and work things out.



1. Sasha - Thursday

I am not Russian any longer. You are not American and Del is not eSpanish!

2. Nick - Thursday

Sasha: I agree that you’re a little too far afield for anything but the law of the sea to apply, but at sea, keeping discipline is what it takes to stay alive. And this ocean you’re in is a lot more deadly than any one we’ve got back here…

But maybe I don’t have a right to say anything. I don’t think I can understand what everyone out there is going through. I just wish you guys every bit of your strength and luck.

3. Sasha - Thursday

We are not at sea! We are in a new land.
We have no captains now. Ships are at dock.

And I am Saturnian.

Hersh, will invoke capital punishment? Management Committee will really approve this? Because I design information flow software instead of reprogram regolithbots?

4. SJensen - Friday

Let’s keep this offline. Alexandra, we’re your friends. Let’s talk after evening meals.

– Sjon

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