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Confined to quarters Monday

Posted by James Dubois in Uncategorized.

Alexandra is currently confined to quarters. Her access privileges are suspended. She refused to return to her workstation and get back to task, we gave her verbal and written warnings. We did as much as we could do using corporate policy and it was by her actions (or should I say inaction) that escalated the situation.

I arranged a meeting with Dr. Henneman and the captains of the Brahmagupta, the Stephen Hawking and the Zeno. The Russian consul general was in attendance but only as a witness because of the delay (we expect to hear the Consulate’s official recommendation soon). Psychological specialists were present and informed us of how to best proceed.

The Universal Conduct Code governing life in transit from Liberty Station to CHOIRS is quite clear as it pertains to insubordination. Our options are limited at this point. The committee decided unanimously that this was not “mutiny” in the strict sense. Nobody was prepared to carry out a capital sentence. Sasha’s behavior has yet to put anyone in jeopardy (including herself) and although she’s angry, she’s perfectly rational and lucid. Everyone likes her, including me, and it hurts us all terribly to watch this unfold. But we can’t have anarchy, especially not at this critical time.

An unpleasant consequence is that I had to convert unused sleeping quarters into a makeshift brig. We de-authorized her personal key implant from being able to access the doors. The engineer in me is screaming about wasted time, energy and space but there’s no alternative, least not until the lifeboat modules are permanently locked into the station’s superstructure. For what it’s worth, she’s got the nicest quarters on ship right now. Certainly the roomiest.

One last thing: you probably saw her tirade about being Saturnian. She really did renounce her Russian citizenship. Qiong told me that her papers were filed with the Minister of Tax and Duties. She’s claiming CHOIRS citizenship. Clever girl, she sent a packet of information down the pipe before her arrest. The media back on Earth is running with it. Of course, none of this solves the basic manpower problem and now it’s even worse, being down one information architect.



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