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Flare ups Friday

Posted by James Dubois in CHOIRS, Tech.

Solar flares have interfered with our communications to and from Earth, resulting in our plans for spin-up to fall back a few days. The relay is powered down to 10% while we perform diagnostics but we hope to be at peak transmission rate as soon

Engineering update is as usual: progress is slow but work continues non-stop. The robots are out-performing their specifications, thanks to our crack programming staff. The drones are working in concert now, much like a flock or birds can anticipate the actions of its individual members, whereas before it was linear behavior before. Much like our own social interactions, they’ve learned to pick up the slack if one member falls behind rather than act in a structured, pre-defined hierarchy.

The “Alexandra Effect” continues. Four more members of the CHOIRS communications team have defected to Sasha’s MRCZ. They call themselves “Jolly Donut” and even fashioned a flag (a donut and crossbones, which I will upload soon). I heard a rumor that they’re drafting a constitution based on the Pirate Party. I spoke to Guy about it and he said there won’t be any rules other than “work hard and have fun.” Hmmm… we’ll see about that. Multi-national? More like micro-national. A country of nine.

One of the botanists started his own MRCZ called “The Garden Party.” They’re increasing crop yield with various colors of LEDs and hybridizing plants that do better in blue-red spectrum light. One of their many projects, I’m told. Well as long as they get their normal work in on time. My wife, being an avid gardener, is interested in helping them with building some mini-greenhouses out of storage materials that we no longer need.

Sjon’s book “The Signal” that chronicles his life in micro-gravitational environments is still selling like mad. Last night I checked the bestseller’s list it was in the top-10 for non-fiction. He’s an interesting character and we’ve had many spirited conversations in the mess. He was born outside Gothenberg and is the younger brother of Jens Jensen, the guy I used to work with in the early days at ID&E (Sjon has six brothers and sisters, which astounds me… no wonder he’s so good at resolving conflict). Anyway, he’s working on a new book about CHOIRS, spurred on by the personnel issues that arose within the last year as we emerged from the pods. This is when he and the medical team aren’t working on their stem cell research. Post spin-up, once the medical labs are installed and in operating mode, they want to use some of the current research into universal blood types and cellular transplantation to create organic replacement parts. This has been in development on Earth for quite some time but space-based research is starting to catch up and overtake its terrestrial counterpart.



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