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Rotation Tuesday

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It’s all over the system news feeds. We’re getting transmissions in  (+1.5 hours delay, of course). This just means you now know what we know. CHOIRS Project’s phase 1 is officially complete. Rotation of 0.6992818708006628 RPM was achieved after 17 days of spin-up. The SRBs were jettisoned to be repurposed by retrieval drones. The inner hub is stationary relative to the main structure so there no complications docking the lifeboat modules. All seven modules were successfully attached and all active personnel are onboard.

The place is incredibly spartan, but HUGE compared to the cramped modules where we’ve lived for the past seven years. We have lights, pressure, gravity, fresh air, water, sanitation. We’re moving our greenhouses to the agricultural bloc. Operations is ahead of the game on that front thanks to the Garden Party MRCZ’s work in that field (no pun intended). This place is like an empty warehouse right now. Several empty warehouses — cavernous, echoing chambers. We’ll be working to get our facilities up and running. Estimated time? Four months minimum with seven weeks after that reserved as schedule padding. When Phase II is finished, we’ll be welcoming the next group of settlers – another 3,000 people. Our projected timeline puts this at the end of the next decade. We’re already taking applications for new settlers.

Reactions have been all over the place: crying, laughing, screaming. Some people are on walkers or braces to assist in movement. Some are confined to wheelchairs until their bodies recover. Me? I’m exhilarated to be standing and walking again. My body’s been wrecked by the travel, which was a known risk. I’m using a cane at the moment and Saif is surprised that I can stand, much less walk around. Medical is starting its gravity rehabilitation program by week’s end once things are unpacked. The pods are already unloaded and stacked in the medical bays. Leona and her staff are going through research papers downloaded from Earth detailing recent advances in radiation de-toxification, gene therapy, neural grafting… all technologies that were developed during the mission flight. The clean-room will be the next internal project. With the research done on-flight and back on Earth, she confirms a positive prognosis for those people suffering from ARS.



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